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The Origins of Fillan Healthcare

St Fillan: The patron saint of the mentally ill. Born in Ireland, the son of Feriach and St Kentigerna. Early in the 8th Century, Fillan settled at Strathfillan, at the head of Glen Dochart, where he built a church. Next to the church, near Auchentyre in Strathfillan was the Holy Pool. This was blessed by the Saint, and consequently developed healing powers and proving particularly curative for the mentally ill who were attracted in large numbers over succeeding centuries………

Adult ADHD

Fillan Healthcare has the pleasure of introducing New Zealand’s first Adult ADHD Clinic. Modeled on the multidisciplinary team clinics established…

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Psychologist Auckland

We have a number of registered clinical psychologists working at Fillan Healthcare who are happy to meet with you and…

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Counselling Auckland

We have a number of registered counselling psychologists at Fillan Healthcare who are happy to meet with you and discuss…

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Psychiatrist Auckland

Psychiatrists assess, diagnose and treat patients with psychological, emotional, or cognitive problems resulting from psychiatric disorders, physical disorders or any…

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Our Psychologists

We have recruited a number of experienced registered psychologists and continue to look for clinicians that will enhance our team. All of our clinical psychologists provide psychotherapy, psychological testing and diagnose mental illness. They also all hold postgraduate degrees and have their own specific research topics. This ensures that we can offer the most up to date and best clinical interventions for you and your family.